Life is a stage and all the people are actors

background : This post follows some lines in a book, that have made a huge impact on me, in some way or another.

Life is a stage and all the people are actors – As you like it
This unfortunately is a true story. Authors are surprisingly perceptive people. Or maybe they just write down words, what resonates the most with people, is what is celebrated. In the Last Don, a Mario Puzo novel, The author says, his books are a distillation of the best of him, and I with my menial writting ability have to agree. The one time we write the most powerful pieces, are when something affects us massively. When the frustration, annoyance, love, hope move the very part of your soul, that you need to control yourself, you need to tell the world, you need to preserve how you feel or call attention to what you think should be done, is when you write some of the best pieces.

Tomorrow is another day – Gone with the wind. I found myself saying that after I mentally beat myself over missing a flight. I wanted to cheer myself up and remind myself that I needed to start over again tomorrow and maybe this was a lesson well learnt.

It was the best of times, It was the worst of times. This reminds me of my time in engineering college. The coursework was very difficult but the friends and the good times we had were amazing. Truly a character building experience. That place truly shaped who I was. A rough sort of a boot camp.

I swear on my life and my love of it, I will not live for another man, nor ask another man to live for the sake of mine – Atlas Shrugged. While not to be taken literally, this reminds me of the core message conveyed in the book, that you have to always work according to the best of your ability, at any job you have, it maybe a menial one like cooking lunch or it maybe the biggest project you have handled. Always do your best.

When you are choosing your husband, hold your questions;
When your husbands are blessed with prosperity, hold your laughter;
And when you are humiliated beyond measure, hold your curses – The Palace of Illusions.
This quote is one of my favorites from the book. The protagonist, Panchaali, is a lot like me, a little on the unruly side. This is what a fortune teller tells her, so that she can avert misfortune in her coming life. He advises her to not act impulsively. To wait and watch in situations she that she is unsure of(while choosing her husband, she insults the man who would have been the best match for her), To hold her laughter when life is good and be cautious,so that when the tide turns, karma is still on her side and she hasnt unwittingly insulted somebody. And when humiliated beyond measure, to not lash out but rather accept the situation humbly, to control that situation and not to make it worse.


2 thoughts on “Life is a stage and all the people are actors

  1. I get thoughts like these when I’m riding my bike. The traffic works a lot like life itself. Like if you are willing to take those little risks, you’ll get where you’re going a little earlier. You might cross the intersection before the yellow turns red. But are those risks worth taking?

    • I agree, the roads teach you amazing philosophy. The wind in your hair, the sun in your face. The challenge of going the distance etc.. Though I am sure you know a lot more about this 🙂

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