One moment at a time

One moment at a time
Life doesn’t get easier,
A little harder everyday.
But it never gets boring
stuff always comes your way.

Some stuff is good,
and some of it is bad,
Some makes you happy,
and some makes you sad.

But therein comes a time,
where it feels like it too much to bear,
it feels like there is no tomorrow,
and no one around to care,
But that is when you should remember the most,
that this isn’t here to stay
All you need to do, is conquer only that moment
And all your fears will melt away.

With it will come acceptance,
with it will come pride,
with it will come a sense of purity
And all that you need, to survive.

Its all about soldering on
And trudging through the grime,
And knowing that you will always triumph,
one moment at a time.


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