Resolutions 2013

New Year’s resolutions? Who keeps them? And why would I change anything about the old Awesome Me?? Hehehe, this was the general idea as far back as I can remember and I never thought twice about keeping New Year’s resolutions. I mean why, why, why and more importantly, why exclusively on New Year’s Eve? However this year, the new and improved me had a change of heart. The main thought running through my head was – Why not?? What was stopping me from having resolutions anyway? I know I can be lazy as a dog(no, seriously, you should see my dog sleeping 18 hours a day to know what I am talking about) and I usually am stubborn enough to pull through what I have set up to do. So what was making me put the idea of Resolutions into loserville? So after much soul searching and coming up with no other excuse for not keeping resolutions other than, its for losers, Here is my list of resolutions 2013

1. Making the most out of one day – Doing more stuff and not wasting crucial hours just lazing around, Doing something productive for a change. The point of this is to inculcate a sense of discipline in me that will help in the longer run and will aid me in achieving some goals I have set up for myself.

2. Regularly updating my blog – 😛 This one is a no-brainer 😀 Heheehe


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