I loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night

by Sarah Williams

A night sky

Have people ever told you, how they are afraid of the dark? Lots of people have said that to me. For a long time, I never understood that.. Boogie monsters under your bed? Start reciting math theorems, nothing drives away the blues like that one. Feel like something is swooshing by the window? Turn your head around and think about how cool it will be to have cotton candy as a pillow.(Yes, I have never been short of imagination either) It was only until, I read that line mentioned above, that I realised why I truly love the night. The stars! How can you not see them? Why do you see all the darkness and the non existing creatures? How can you not see the shining and the twinkling, the patterns and the promise of lands bizarre and obscenely different? I always feel awe when I look at them. Even the light I see is probably billions of light years old. It is so precious, I would like to keep something that ancient and store it in a jar. And what do you know, its not what you see. What must be happening on that star now, is what I will see maybe a few decades later and what I am seeing now, is what happened a few decades ago. A mini time warp. Mindblowing! And refreshing, an escape or more like a promise of a world so far away and so different from the one we have that we can only dream. Sometimes I picture a creature so different from us, sitting at his own window or dwelling and wondering about the possibility of another life form questioning the stars for similar answers. Hehehe, how cool would that be??

Calvin and Hobbes, philosophers since 1985 :)

Calvin and Hobbes, philosophers since 1985 🙂


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