New Beginnings

The party began on 25th December and went on till New Year’s Eve. Three days of Sunburn later, I was exhausted. We had partied till the wee hours of the morning, got roaring high and were already a fight down. The experience was awesome and yet something was missing. I started doubting this whole partying shebang and was thinking its was all just a gimmick. Trying to fill an empty void in our empty lives with music loud enough that you cant hear your own thoughts and alcohol to get you to a happy place without all the effort and hard work that goes into staying happy.

And then came New Year’s Eve. The clock struck 12, Cheers of Happy New Year rang out. Everybody wished everyone else and the moment died down. I called my family to wish them a very Happy New Year and then looking down at my contact list wondering who else to call. And then it struck me, no one. I looked up to where all my friends were standing and realized that every one of my friends that I loved was standing right there. Those friends, who are always with you through the good times and bad, through the mindless parties and drama filled weddings and Suddenly I was smiling like there was no tomorrow. Everyone was here. With me. Tonight. It was a moment of perfect bliss. I smiled to myself for a few more seconds and went back and joined the revelry. It was the perfect beginning to 2013.


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