Happy Birthday Sasha

**Snapshot** Me standing, all alone, outside a brown door that said operation theater in a small room with green walls chatting with a completely random kid who told me that her little brother was born at home, leaving me aghast!! All kids were born in a hospital, weren’t they? weren’t they?? **Snapshot** Me being driven to my colony’s kitty party, where I proudly announced that I, had a new baby sister. **Snapshot** My grandma telling me to find the feeding bottle and to fill it with water as new born children shouldn’t have any milk in the first 24hours while my mother slept soundly on a cot in the hospital.

These are the three main things I remember about one sunny afternoon, eighteen years ago on May 11th. My six-going-on-seven brain, completely failed to register what a momentous occasion it was. I had a baby sister!

And how would I describe my baby sister now?? A bear-hugger. Trinny and Susanna worshiper. “AAR rules” scribbled everywhere! The only one laughs at ALL my jokes. Who takes my side at every argument. Who steals all my makeup, clothes, shoes, bags, you-name-it. Who gives my dog a bath every weekend. Who will burst into my room atleast five times every night after work, leaving a very disgruntled me. Loathes White, Loves Black. Thinks people who straighten curly hair as blasphemous. A surprisingly hard worker in the midst of all us lazy bums. My baby and now eighteen (How the fuck did that happen??) And a loving, loving person, who took care of her big sister when my mom was majorly sick, even though she was frightened to death herself. And someone who always hears everyone out. (How did she get that sensible? Doesn’t come from us) 😛 Anyway, to my brave, smart, sweet, caring, loving, hard-working, sensible sister, Here is a very very happy eighteenth birthday!!


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