That delicious time, when you just get back from a trip and everything is in disarray. Your makeup is stashed in some corner of a suitcase, All essentials are everywhere but the place you need them to be. Your laundry hamper is a mini mountain just waiting to topple and you best shoes are dirty and need to be brushed ASAP! And in spite of all this, your head is teaming with memories and anecdotes and fun stuff you just want to share!



5 thoughts on “Chaos

  1. Btw, I saw the Famous Five at the Taj Mahal [Archi sent the snap]. A family who are also friends – bonus! 😀

  2. Haha 🙂 Thanks R-Mami! WIll get the CD tomorrow(honest!) Then you can see all the pictures. Like the “Shah Jahan aur Mumtaz Mahal” ones 😀 They are too cute!

    • I saw one of the ‘jali’ ones. Why not, I say? It’s the Taj Mahal – anything goes. Sub kuch maaf incl. fancy posing! Do send me the link if you upload them. You mean, Arrrrrr(gh)-Mami, right? 😀

    • Arre wah! Style bhai, eh? Oops, behn…no style aunty. Aaaargh! See what I mean?
      BE R-Mami 😀

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