When movies trump books.

Whaaat??? Dream on crazy lady.. Well, yeah, that would have been my reaction to any header like that. There are countless of movies where books trump the movies hands down. Harry Potter 1-7, Twilight, etc, etc. The list is endless. However there is a relatively shorter list, where surprisingly, the movie has trumped the book. The perks of being a wallflower, The Devil wears Prada and A Walk to remember.

The perks of being a wallflower

Based on a novel with the same name and written by Stephen Chbosky, The perks of being a wallflower, deals with 15 year old Charlie and how he deals with his freshman year at school. A little weird, a tendency to be left out and an introvert, Charlie tries to navigate through his first love, his love for his late Aunt Helen and school. The movie is engaging and I was so surprised at how well the movie was executed, that I promptly resolved not to watch any more Bollywood movie till my standards were back up. The acting was flawless, the actors were well chosen for their role and the cinematography was brilliant. I loved how this movie was portrayed, the viewer is as confused as Charlie especially when he blacks out. It gives you a very good sense of how confused he is and how his life is disconnected at times. While he is not in your face weird, you miss out on the clues to the ending, where is all comes together. The book on the other hand, provides more information on what makes Charlie that way, but takes away the sense of mystery that the movie conveys. It is too eloquent in the book, while the movie just nails how confused, messed up and hard it is for him to confront his demons.

In response to "why we choose people, who treat us so badly". It forms the catch phrase on which the entire movie is based.

In response to “why we choose people, who treat us so badly”. It forms the catch phrase on which the entire movie is based.

The Devil wears Prada

One of my reigning favorites. The book, was a surprising dud. The author, Lauren Weisenberg, was an assistant to fashion editor extraordinaire, Anna Wintour, for a little under a year. She mentions her experiences of working under a difficult boss. As a critic mentioned and I wholeheartedly agree “It was one big rant against Anna Wintour”.  It has no story, no start, no end, no “what-have-i-learnt-from-this-experience” spiel. Nothing. Just a long diatribe on how working under a demanding boss for less than a year was hell. Well, guess what, lady?? we have all been there and done that! Working with impossible bosses for long hours. And it really doesn’t warrant a 360 page book. The movie on the other hand, nailed it. It had a good measure of drama, suspense, an ugly duckling turning into a swan thing and epic lines like “You’re not trying, You’re whining” .

A walk to remember –  

Crap, I am half way through this article and I have realized that I cannot write about a movie and not give out its spoilers. So brace yourself people, In a Walk to Remember, the book starts off as a narrative of Langdon Carter at age 57. Written by Nicholas Sparks of The Notebook fame, this story is inspired by his sister. It is a beautiful story of the girl-next-door who is terminally ill and a preacher’s daughter; and the school’s bad boy. The movie was a perfect chick flick. Adding elements that were not there in the book, like Langdon completing Jamie’s wish list when he realizes she is dying and dedicating a star to her, had me crying in buckets. However to be fair to the book, the only reason I didnt like it was because Langdon Carter recounts this journey as an old man, never having remarried after losing his love. In the movie, he is shown as a boy entering Med School, because his love gave him direction. It makes me impatient when you waste your life on something in the past. I am a big believer of moving on.

It was...the most difficult walk anyone ever had to make. In every way, a walk to remember.

It was…the most difficult walk anyone ever had to make. In every way, a walk to remember.

So here it was. Where the movie trumped books. Drop me a comment if you came across more. I would love to take a look at it.


2 thoughts on “When movies trump books.

  1. Hey, Lovely post. You know I came to this conclusion some days back or rather last weekend about accepting ourselves. If we don’t think well of ourselves we accept S***t from people. So the phrase for the first one about accepting the love we deserve is so true.

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