The Blues and Being Happy

Happiness is not something frivolous. It is hard work. The conscious letting go of events, accepting bad decisions and most importantly believing that sometimes things are out of your control and you are not responsible for the consequences. Bad hair days, getting drenched on your way to work or being sassed by the rickshaw driver sometimes all contribute to distinctly putting you in a bad mood.

But the weird thing about being happy is also the knowledge that sometimes you have to be sad. That sometimes, the effort to turn a situation around is not worth it and lying low, till the moment passes is the best course of action. Small things can easily be brushed aside, but sometimes, the hurt is way more deeper and surprises you when it comes pouring out unexpectedly.

It is something really hard to explain to people that being happy is a process. You are often met with really vague answers like “I’m always happy” or “You think too much”. Or sometimes you are just blasted by quotes off the net that make you think.

I am still undecided on the course of happiness. But here is something I have to say – that just when you decide to give up on believing in it, fate has a good laugh and throws an unexpected happy moment for us to relish and savor. Just enough not to lose hope.


2 thoughts on “The Blues and Being Happy

  1. Well said and so beautifully too – I needed to read this, thanks! 🙂
    Hope your coursework is keeping you busy and happy.
    ~ R-Mami

  2. Thank you R-mami! Course work is awesome! Getting to meet a lot of new people and places. Ps. Im in BBay. A-Mami tells me all the fun places where you guys used to go to. It is so cool seeing it all.
    Lotsa Love 🙂

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