That Someone

You make me feel like someone else
A familiar kind of someone

A someone I knew a long time ago.
That someone who knew what loneliness meant
I see it in you. The wanting something else altogether.
That someone who was such a nerd, who loved Harry Potter and let her heart be ruled by such obsessions. 

That someone who understood the beauty of songs who related songs to places, events, people and let those memories wash over everytime they came on the radio.

That someone who watched interesting movies and didn’t feel guilty about it.

That someone who went for long drives and wondered how’d the rain make every thing so beautiful.

That someone for whom life wasn’t being part of the crowd, but that own little bubble you create inside yourself.
That someone for whom every corner held a wonder.

That someone who could spend hours on the internet and discover new things and yearn of places to go to.
I didn’t realize how much I missed it or how jaded everything had become.

Thank you for the sparkle.


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