A cup of tea

I joined a new college. And initially it is hectic. The hustle of signing in, getting a hostel room allotted, finding a new roomie(She is really nice 🙂 ) and the unpacking and settling in there. And after all the excitement dies down, there comes a lull. Where suddenly you are deflated. Where you get vulnerable and suddenly you start recalling all you left behind. In that moment you terribly miss your family. You recall all kinds of things you should have done and worry terribly about what is going to come. You know it is going to be a minefield and wonder if there is a pause somewhere where you dont feel so strung out. And at that point I almost drove home. Not for good but to spend one more night with my family. To bask in my room where everything was tailored for me and maybe hug my dog. But I didnt. At the advice of my friend I stayed back. Soon my roomie asked me to go for a cup of tea. And the two of us set out to the canteen. Suddenly we were joined by someone I knew from coaching classes and her roomie. And before we knew it, one cup of tea at 4pm stretched out till 6.30pm. Conversation just flowed. After all I wasnt the only one here all alone. Soon our next door neighbors joined us and the meet shifted to our hostel. By the next morning, We knew almost everyone on our floor. That was close to 40 girls. Suddenly and very unexpectedly, a new world had opened up. And it all started with a cup of coffee.