Saudade – Part 1

Longing for someone or something.

Longing for someone or something.

She was the perfect girl. He admired her strongly. He liked everything about her. She was his friend, his confidante. He was also super excited about being in a different city with her together. They laughed, they played, had crazy adventures. Until one day reality struck. He was a Muslim and she was a Hindu. An unlikely pairing and a forbidden one. He chose to let go off her. Abruptly. Without telling her why, or what. I don’t know her scenario, but he was heartbroken. He knew it wouldn’t work, that no matter how hard they would try, the gap was just too big. He couldn’t make either party unhappy – neither his parents, nor her. He couldn’t subject someone like her to a world so different. He walked away and prayed and prayed that she would get on with her life. Well, she did. Women are resilient creatures. But then one day, out of the blue, he saw her at a restaurant. She acted like nothing was wrong. She never said a word of reproach. She was just her usual nice self. And suddenly, he was desperate, desperate to ask how she was, how was everything, if she was moving on, if she was happy. Anything, Anything at all to have some connection, that spark, that bound them together. You just smile, laugh, make small talk and pretend everything is okay. But that moment was stuck in his heart – her eyes, her smile. He couldn’t get over it. It just stayed as a hard solidified ball of pain in his heart, as he watched her walk away. He was scarred for a lifetime.

Saudade(meaning) : A Portuguese word that is difficult to translate adequately. It describes a deep emotional state of nostalgic longing for something or someone that was fond of and which is lost. It also describes a deep longing for something unattainable or that which doesn’t exist. Saudade was described as “the love that stays” or the “love that remains” after someone is gone.

Note: While I personally feel, it is not up to a guy to make decisions like this, this story rankles me. A lot of people are passionately in love with people they cannot have. Its a sort of obsession that you dont get over easily – Saudade


I loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night

by Sarah Williams

A night sky

Have people ever told you, how they are afraid of the dark? Lots of people have said that to me. For a long time, I never understood that.. Boogie monsters under your bed? Start reciting math theorems, nothing drives away the blues like that one. Feel like something is swooshing by the window? Turn your head around and think about how cool it will be to have cotton candy as a pillow.(Yes, I have never been short of imagination either) It was only until, I read that line mentioned above, that I realised why I truly love the night. The stars! How can you not see them? Why do you see all the darkness and the non existing creatures? How can you not see the shining and the twinkling, the patterns and the promise of lands bizarre and obscenely different? I always feel awe when I look at them. Even the light I see is probably billions of light years old. It is so precious, I would like to keep something that ancient and store it in a jar. And what do you know, its not what you see. What must be happening on that star now, is what I will see maybe a few decades later and what I am seeing now, is what happened a few decades ago. A mini time warp. Mindblowing! And refreshing, an escape or more like a promise of a world so far away and so different from the one we have that we can only dream. Sometimes I picture a creature so different from us, sitting at his own window or dwelling and wondering about the possibility of another life form questioning the stars for similar answers. Hehehe, how cool would that be??

Calvin and Hobbes, philosophers since 1985 :)

Calvin and Hobbes, philosophers since 1985 🙂